Don’t get so focused on the features you’re building that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

As a product manager, it’s difficult to think about aspects of your product outside of features. You probably spend the majority of your time defining what should be built and working closely with engineering to determine how things should be built. You’re a product manager, that’s what you do. But…

How successful product teams maintain strategic integrity

When you’re a product manager building a platform that involves a mix of enterprise B2B and also B2BC products, the number of opinions you receive — whether you want them or not — can be overwhelming.

We don’t always hear directly from end-users, but we do hear from the businesses…

How enterprise software can attract millennials and impact your company culture

Fact: Providing free Surge will also attract millennials.

The background

On the team at , we’re building a modern platform for financial institutions (banks and credit unions). It’s a single system that lets financial institutions serve the complete needs of their digital users.

One portion of our platform is focused on the needs of our customer’s…

Bryan McCarty

Director of Marketing at Moov 💪 Vocals for Kaizen (mpls hxc) ⚒️ Past: Banno, Periscope, Aha! 🖤 #fintech #straightedge #trailrunning

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