Invisible Work: In the Trenches With Process and Operations

Sometimes, the work we do is never seen by the client. And that’s okay. I’m not talking about the visual concepts that get cut due to budget or scale. I’m talking about the operational and process type work that is done behind the scenes and in the trenches. This type of work, invisible work, often goes unnoticed… and that’s the point.

Invisible work is when a designer starts writing frontend code in order to make the development cycle more efficient. When a producer flips the script and gets design, dev and QA involved in a project from the start…in the same room…together as a cross functional team. Invisible work is when a PM fires up Photoshop and makes a copy update rather than forwarding the client revision to a designer. It’s when a team pulls together to develop a new process that goes against “the way things have always been done.”

Invisible work looks beyond titles and makes the necessary adjustments to work leaner, smarter and faster. At the end of the day, the client receives the same product (i.e. a website, an email, a design), but the process by which we get there is better because we save time and money.

Invisible work is not sexy and does not win awards. But I promise, it is rewarding. To know that you’re challenging the way your team works, thinks, collaborates and delivers. To understand that these details matter and ultimately, have a huge impact on the work we deploy, is a big responsibility. Invisible work is not done by one person. It takes the entire team. It’s done one moment, one decision, at a time.

Take pride in the invisible — it’s shaping the future of how we work.

Director of Marketing at Moov 💪 Vocals for Kaizen (mpls hxc) ⚒️ Past: Banno, Periscope, Aha! 🖤 #fintech #straightedge #trailrunning

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